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How to Conduct a Foot Self Exam with a Selfie Stick

September 28, 2016

Dr. Desmond Bell, Wound Care Specialist & Podiatrist, talks about how to use a selfie stick to conduct a self foot exam. Foot exams may help prevent amputations in the long-term.

Lower Extremity Swelling

September 14, 2016

Dr. Vaqar Ali, Interventional Cardiologist, talks about the causes, symptoms and treatment of lower extremity swelling. Call 904.493.3333 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ali.

Diabetic Foot Ulcers

July 27, 2016

Dr. David Swain, Board Certified Podiatrist & Wound Care Specialist, talks about how to effectively treat diabetic foot ulcers in order to prevent amputations.

Innovative Technology for Coronary Artery Disease

May 17, 2016

Dr. Sumant Lamba, Board Certified Cardiologist, talks about the Impella device, the world’s smallest heart pump. This tiny device acts like a temporary artificial heart as it maintains blood flow through the body during a cardiac procedure. Watch Dr. Lamba talk about the innovative technology and how it is used to maintain optimal heart health.

How To Clean Your CPAP Machine

May 5, 2016

Many times a day, Dr Daniel Thielemann is asked, “How do I clean my CPAP machine?” Watch Dr. Thielemann, Board Certified Sleep Medicine Specialist, take you through the simple steps to keep your CPAP machine clean.

Cutting Edge Treatment for Chronic Heart Failure

April 13, 2016

First Coast Cardiovascular Institute is proud to be among the first in the region to offer patients with chronic heart failure innovative solutions. Watch Dr. Sumant Lamba talk about CardioMEMS Heart Failure System, a cutting-edge device used to monitor heart failure. CardioMEMS is the first and only FDA-approved heart failure monitoring device that has been proven to significantly reduce hospital admissions when used by physicians to manage heart failure. If you think CardioMEMS could be right for you, call 904.493.3333 to schedule your appointment.

What to Expect After a Sleep Study

March 30, 2016

You’ve just had a sleep study and aren’t sure what to expect. What does having sleep apnea mean? How long do you have to wait for the phone to ring? How does a CPAP machine work? Dr.Daniel Thielemann, Board Certified Sleep Medicine Specialist, answers these questions & more in this video.

Meditation & Heart Health?

March 16, 2016

If you aren’t sure what meditation is or haven’t been open to it before, Dr. Sumant Lamba may give you all the reasons you need to give it a shot.  Dr. Lamba enjoys a few minutes of meditation every morning. He finds an immense benefit in meditation for his mental & emotional health. To make matters even better, meditation can also play a role in reducing your risk for heart disease. Watch Dr. Lamba talk about the correlation between meditation & your heart health.

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