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Americans Forgoing Healthcare Due to Costs

July 13, 2017

iStock Healthcare Costs - font 2 blogEveryone wants to stay happy and healthy. However, rising healthcare costs may deter patients from seeking the care they need. According to a survey conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International, 25% of Americans have neglected their medical care, or know someone who has, due to the costs. Furthermore, the same study found that 56% of Americans worry that they may not be able to afford quality healthcare.  Continue reading “Americans Forgoing Healthcare Due to Costs” »

Guide to Insurance, Part 3: Shopping for Health Insurance

August 7, 2015

insurance_lamba compares insurance plans

Dr. Lamba compares insurance plans

We understand the frustration when it comes to shopping for health insurance. It can be tempting to just auto-renew your current plan and not explore your options. However, when it comes to your health, the last thing you want to worry about is the cost of keeping yourself healthy. So do the research upfront to make sure you are getting the most value for your money. Here are a few tips to help make the health insurance shopping process a little less complicated.

Tips to Maneuver the Health Insurance Marketplace

Read up on common insurance terms and types of plans
We’ve made this easy for you. Before you start researching health plans, click here to learn frequently-used insurance terms and here to read on common types of plans you may encounter.

Know your network
If you have a physician you’ve been going to for years and plan on sticking with, check your health plan’s network. Make sure your physician is in-network so you can continue to see your preferred physician.

Pay attention to your deductibles
Often times, the lower your premium, the higher your deductible, but be careful of this. Do not commit to a deductible that is far too high for you to manage. It is better to be prepared for the worst than it is to find yourself unprepared in a difficult situation. Focus on finding a well-rounded plan instead of the plan with the lowest premium.

Do not auto-renew your plan
From year to year, health plans change and so do our situations. It is worth investing time into exploring a new health plan every year. Most plans renew automatically so make sure to let your insurance company know not to do this. Even if you decide to stick to the same plan, you’ll feel assured knowing you did your homework in trying to find the best option.

Use Health Insurance Plan Rankings
The National Committee for Quality Assurance has provided a service that allows you to compare different plans in their overall score and treating common conditions. Take advantage of this service by comparing your current health plan to other plans on the market.

Do you have tips that have saved you some headache and maybe some extra cash? Let us know on our Facebook! 

Guide to Health Insurance, Part 2: Different Types of Insurance Plans

July 27, 2015

In our last post, we defined some of the common health insurance terms. Today, let’s discuss a few different types of insurance plans that you may encounter:
Insurance Plans

We hope your head isn’t spinning yet. Next time, we’ll be back with the final post in our series: how to shop for health insurance.

In the meantime, if you have any tips of your own, share them on our Facebook page!

Guide to Health Insurance, Part 1: Terms You Need to Know

July 15, 2015

Shopping for health insurance can be like working on a complicated puzzle – between the vocabulary and all the different plans, it can be hard to see where everything fits in. To help clear things up, we’re running a three-part blog series on how to find the best health insurance plan for you.

First, let’s look at some common health insurance terms and what they mean:
Continue reading “Guide to Health Insurance, Part 1: Terms You Need to Know” »

Medical Bills are the #1 Cause of Bankruptcy, CNN Reports

June 11, 2015

medical billsA recent study from Nerdwallet found that medical bills were the #1 cause of personal bankruptcy in 2013, affecting more people than credit card debt, unpaid mortgages, or poor spending habits. That year, 1.7 million Americans were affected by bankruptcy filings due to the inability to pay their medical bills. Continue reading “Medical Bills are the #1 Cause of Bankruptcy, CNN Reports” »

Choose the Right Provider To Keep Healthcare Costs Low

January 28, 2015

As the economy recovers and healthcare costs continue to skyrocket, it can be challenging for patients to find affordable, high quality medical care. At First Coast Cardiovascular Institute, we are committed to treating patients at lower out-of-pocket costs with no compromise on quality. Here’s how we do it:  Continue reading “Choose the Right Provider To Keep Healthcare Costs Low” »

Providing Outstanding Care At Lower Out Of Pocket Costs

July 9, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 4.20.00 PM

A recovering economy and skyrocketing healthcare costs present a challenge for patients and providers alike, but while others are still scrambling for a solution, First Coast Cardiovascular Institute is already treating patients at lower out-of-pocket costs.

“High quality care doesn’t always have to equal high cost,” says FCCI president, Yazan Khatib, MD. As an independent practice, FCCI performs a full spectrum of outpatient cardiovascular services at half the cost or less over facilities that are owned or operated by a hospital. FCCI patients receive top-quality care in a fully accredited, state-of-the-art facility at a fraction of the cost.

Backed By Experience

Since FCCI opened its catheterization lab in 2007, their highly-trained medical professionals performed over 10,000 outpatient cardiovascular diagnostic and stent procedures.

The FCCI catheterization lab was designed with safety and convenience in mind. Dr. Khatib says the true focus is on patient care. “A facility is just a facility. What matters is the team that operates it. The entire FCCI staff is aligned on one goal – making sure our patients are served in a knowledgeable, compassionate manner and every little need is met.”
The vast majority of patients who undergo outpatient treatment at FCCI return home the same day, and although no procedure is without risk.

Quality Over Cost

As one of the first three physicians in the U.S. to implant drug eluting stents, Dr. Khatib says, at FCCI, the innovative stents were used in 57 percent of procedures, even before their full cost was covered by insurance or Medicare. In each of these cases, the facility absorbed the additional cost.

First Coast Cardiovascular Institute is driven by the expectation that the patient comes first. Every patient receives the outstanding, cost-effective cardiovascular care they deserve.

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