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Thoughtful Tuesday

March 21, 2017

TMP_5324-Edit“Don’t have such a narrow idea of how your life script is supposed to unfold that you miss out on all the unexpected and exciting plot twists along the way.”
-Ruben Chavez

Dr. Daniel Thielemann never imagined himself in the rapidly growing field of sleep disorders. However, as he moved through his residency in neurology, Dr. Thielemann grew his passion for the field and decided to turn it into his lifelong career. Now he helps thousands of patients every year get a better night’s sleep, significantly increasing their quality of life.

First Coast Cardiovascular Institute Offers the Only Comprehensive Vein Clinic in Northeast Florida

September 1, 2016

SSSL8869The FCCI vein clinic strives to stop life limiting leg pain to improve quality of life for our patients.

“We are a comprehensive vein clinic, with a combination of treatments ranging from deep vein, deep abdominal veins, pelvic veins, and superficial varicose vein treatments and interventions.  This means not only do we get rid of spider veins but we also heal wounds, restless legs, and resolve long term (chronic) leg swelling and pain,” says Dr. Jason Roberts, Technical Director of Non-Invasive Vascular Services, “Many people with vein disease suffer from pain, cramping and swelling. We can restore function so our patients can walk, stand and sleep, without experiencing these painful symptoms.” Continue reading “First Coast Cardiovascular Institute Offers the Only Comprehensive Vein Clinic in Northeast Florida” »

New Fully-Accredited Sleep Laboratory Opens in Fleming Island! 

June 9, 2016

a1e55501-4a5e-4ad1-a6a7-311b5c5220cbWe are excited to announce we have opened a brand-new sleep laboratory in Fleming Island! Our sleep lab is fully-accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, ensuring we’ve met the highest standard in the healthcare field. Dr. Daniel Thielemann, Board Certified Sleep Medicine Specialist, will be seeing patients.  Continue reading “New Fully-Accredited Sleep Laboratory Opens in Fleming Island! ” »

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