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At First Coast Cardiovascular Institute, we pride ourselves on having a caring and patient medical and administrative staff, ready to give you the high-quality patient care you expect before, during, and after your visit to our office.

We invite you to hear what our patients have to say:


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“FCCI has helped me get my heart health on track. Thorough diagnostic testing coupled with the time Dr. Sasseen, Dr. Khatib, and all of the staff has taken to educate me on my condition and how best to manage it, it makes me know I’m in good hands.”

-Jeri Burtchell, patient of FCCI Palatka office


“I would like to take this opportunity to show my gratitude and appreciation to Dr. Vedre for his kind and gracious care. Under his supervision my high blood pressure is finally under control after so many years of trying. The same feelings are expressed to Drs. Khatib and Al-Saghir for their involvement in all my health needs. I also want to offer my heartfelt thanks to all the staff of FCCI for the professional and caring attention I receive on my visits. My life has been enriched since I became a client of this clinic.”

– Cecelia Robinson, patient of Drs. Vedre, Khatib and Al-Saghir

“For fourteen years, my heart health has been entrusted to First Coast Cardiovascular Institute and its doctors and nurses. Thank you so much.”

– John Denton, patient of Dr. Khatib

“I think [Dr. Hamdani] has a wonderful and engaging bedside manner. She is very intelligent and is a pleasure. She identified the fluid around the lungs and contacted the surgeon to get the surgery performed. I had open heart surgery initially and after having the surgery, I had lots of recovery. Dr. Hamdani was instrumental in helping me recover. She is a very good communicator and I really enjoyed the care that I received from her. She would tell me in advance what was going to be done and I very much appreciated the way in which we interacted.” 

-James Swenson, patient of Dr. Hamdani

Ranjana Swenson, James’ wife, also expressed her appreciation towards Dr. Hamdani:

“She was responsible for the intervention that caused my husband to be on the road to recovery.  She is very practical, patient and kind.  She is a family member’s dream to have her oversee your patient.  She takes the time to listen to your concerns as a family member, explains what is happening and what to expect as a result of surgery. She visited my husband in the ICU and rehab every single day. She did not have to. That reassured him that someone cares.  He looked forward to her visits and his face lit up when he saw her. All the therapists noticed and mentioned how wonderful it is to have a doctor make that impact on a patient.  She encouraged us and we are so grateful for all her help and advice.  I told her she was my angel. James is making small progress in the right direction every day and most of that is owed to her. She realized the fluids around his lungs had to be removed and sought immediate surgery for him. We are grateful to have met her and have her as James’ doctor.”

– Ranjana Swenson

“If I were a rich person, I would take out a full page ad in the newspaper and tell the world how great you are. If I were a rich person, I would hire a plane to write across the sky how great you are. If I were a rich person, I would rent a billboard that would tell the world how great you are. Alas, I am not a rich person but I can write a letter that tells how great you are.

This year my husband [Ed] and I will enjoy celebrating our 50th anniversary. It is my firm belief without the care afforded to him, we would not be so lucky. Thank you for taking Ed as a patient. You have been there in the middle of the night with Ed in the cath lab. I guess what I am trying to say is thank you for the anniversary. I intend on sending this letter to everyone I can think of. You are a credit to the medical profession as well as mankind. My world has been made better for knowing you.”

– Ed was a patient of Dr. Lamba’s

“I have a family history of atherosclerosis. I lost my right left above the knee five years ago. The only thing [the doctor] could do was when the pain gets bad enough; amputate (my left leg). The pain was not manageable so I was on my way to the amputation table. My podiatrist said, “Wait a minute, before you do that, are you willing to look at something different?” I said, “I’ll look at anything to save a leg.” She left the room, came back, had a post-it note that had a name, phone number and an address. She said go there now, they are waiting on you. Within 5 minutes, I did a sonogram. I went in for the surgery. He saved my leg. It doesn’t get any better than that. The First Coast Cardiovascular team was magnificent. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.”

-William Cassels, patient of Dr. Khatib

“My first initial appointment with Dr. Khatib and the staff was so very honest and relatable. He talked to me like I was a person, not like someone revolving out of his door. The procedures I went through had been attempted five prior times by another reputable cardiovascular organization and they didn’t have any success. I’ve been diabetic for the past 35 years, I knew that it was a probable chance that if I couldn’t get my arteries working, I would be a double amputee. Dr. Khatib and the staff were wonderful and made me feel comfortable and confident in what they could do to help me. Dr. Khatib performed three procedures. I felt blood going through the lower extremities of my legs that I hadn’t felt in over a year. I could not believe that my legs automatically started feeling again and I could just walk to the second level of my home. I had these procedures with no complications. I can’t wait to start jogging and hopefully do a marathon again.”

-Teresa Boyd, patient of Dr. Khatib

“I’ve had several bypass surgeries. For the most part, they have failed within a year to two years. So we tried stents. Dr. Khatib put three stents in the groin area to improve circulation. It’s worked very well. There was no major surgery involved. [Dr. Khatib] is very thorough and has a fantastic bedside manner. I’ve had this circulation problem for 30 years. I first went to Dr. Khatib 13 years ago. He is very understanding. My improvement is 75-80% percent. The staff made sure everything was taken care of.”

– Walter Maier, patient of Dr. Khatib

“I’ve never had any major medical issues in my entire life. I began to have problems with my leg and couldn’t walk very long distances without pain. I went to Dr. Khatib. I was recommended by my primary care physician. He checked it out and found out I had clogged arteries in my left and right leg. I had stents put in my left leg and an angioplasty in my right leg. Since that time, I’ve been walking fine. My progress is doing great. The staff is very good. They always try to work around my schedule. He’s a very caring physician. At the time I was smoking. We had some conversations about that. He wasn’t judgmental. He explained to me it was in my best interest to stop smoking and I’ve been without cigarettes for a year now thanks to Dr. Khatib.”

– Michael Starks, patient of Dr. Khatib

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